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Here is just a sample of what some of our clients have recently shared with us:

“Dear Mr. Schecter, Jenny and staff, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for your professionalism, caring and thoughtfulness in helping me handle my parent’s affair. Many times that I reached out to you for what I might have felt at first were not so important issues, you never made it seem so non important. And for that I am very grateful. Your personal call on the passing of my Dad to offer your condolences was so well appreciated. May God continue to Bless you all, to be able to continue to provide the needed services that you provide. Have a Blessed and Safe Holiday.”
- GJG.

“Thank you for always keeping me on track with all the advice and help you’ve given me over the past several years. You are a consummate professional, so knowledge, patient and respectful… especially in some of my “dumber” moments. I am so very grateful to your staff and you Attorney Schecter.”
- JL.

“Attorney Schecter, I would be remiss not to thank you for a professional job that your office did for me over the past four years. Your case manager was a pleasure to work with and always there if I needed help.”
- TC.

“The Estate Planning paralegal was very helpful in fully explaining necessary items needed for transaction. Attorney Schecter explained all documents and procedures that were easy to understand. Very comfortable & secure feeling throughout the process. Thank you!”

“The Medicaid Case Manager kept me up on what was going on and exactly what I needed to do to help. Thanks to you all.”
- WJ.

“The Estate Planning Paralegal was very polite when we talked and always returned phone questions quickly when I had them.”

“Everyone was exceptionally nice, sympathetic & seemed genuinely caring of our situations. Thank you.”
- P & SB.

“Your Medicaid Case Manager has been essential in this process. Her expertise and support has made this insurmountable task possible.”

“All staff members were professional, polite, and helpful. Our experience far exceeded our expectations. Thanks to everyone.”

“The entire office staff was ALWAYS extremely courteous and professional.”

“Each person showed concern, compassion and very professional. I would definitely use them again if I had do it again. Every person treated me so nice. All were top notch!!”

“Everyone has been so pleasant and professional. This entire experience has been wonderful. Thank you all so much!!”

"Dear Mr. Schecter and Staff,

I want to thank you for your professionalism and all the hard work that you put in on my uncle’s behalf.” - M.A.

"Dear Mr. Schecter,

We deeply appreciate your expression of sympathy in the loss of our mother. There is no way to fully thank you for the guidance and support you offered in the preceding months. We all benefitted knowing she was in good hands. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” - P. J.C.

"The Estate Planning paralegal was very professional and helpful.”

"The Medicaid Case Manager was always there to answer my questions. She was on the ball and she got back to me even if she was busy. Awesome customer service!”

“Both the Medicaid Case Manager and receptionist have been excellent! They have handled everything during this COVID-19 pandemic in a very positive professional manner.” - P.M.

“We appreciate each of you and your kindness and guidance.” “Everyone has been wonderful! Thank you!”

“Mr. Schecter and the Estate Planning paralegal prioritized our Powers of Attorneys and Wills when our timeline was shortened. Thank you very much!”

"The Medicaid Case Manager is wonderful; prompt, professional, thorough and kind. Always appreciate the Receptionist’s friendly welcome, and impressed she remembers everyone! And you, Mr. Schecter, have been exemplary. We thank you!!!”

"Mr. Schecter and staff were all amazing! Very knowledgeable, kind, professional, competent and helpful. Highly, highly recommend you all. Thank you!”

"I never had to deal with current situation (recent widow) in the past. Everyone was helpful. Everyone was great! I worked with the Estate Planning paralegal the most – she was excellent.”

"I appreciated the paralegal’s effort in emailing documents ahead for our review, and the receptionist help with scheduling our appointments. Both of them were extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.”

“Mr. Schecter’s staff were very professional and attentive to our needs, could not express our gratitude enough.”

“The Medicaid Case Manager is Amazing! - Thank you Mr. Schecter!”

“Absolutely would refer your law firm to our friends and family. All of the staff is very courteous and professional. We are very satisfied with our experience!”

“They all did well, outstanding, professional service. Thank you so much!”

“The Medicaid Case Manager is an unbelievable, kind, supportive person!”

"Thank you a million for all your help. Your office staff are exceptional and Mr. Schecter you are honorable, professional, ethical and extremely knowledgeable in dealing with all that you have to take on in your area of the law. Thanks again.”

"Thank you for taking on my Medicaid audit problem. Mr. Schecter and Jayne Harris were absolutely the most professional, courteous and very knowledgeable regarding the entire process. Most importantly, they could explain the complexity in understandable terms to those of us that do not deal with the layers of bureaucracy intertwined between government and Medicare/Medicaid. Very complex. Thank you for your most professional and expedient assistance on my mother's behalf.”
- K.

"Oh, I am so pleased… words seem woefully inadequate to convey my gratitude and admiration. It’s impossible to thank you enough for everything you did. You never let me down… not once… and were unfailingly patient and kind at every turn. You’ve been a wonderful teacher as you walked beside me on this journey.”
- M.K.

"Hi Mr. Schecter,
I attended the meeting you spoke at last month. I wasn’t able to introduce myself but wanted to send you a quick email. Thank you so much for all the wonderful information. I am an independent Medicare insurance agent and as such am always asked a plethora of questions involving long term care, requirements for eligibility for various assistance programs, wills, and the list goes on and on. You provided us with such invaluable information that I can now pass on as a resource to the people that I come in contact with when selecting their Medicare health coverage. The things you went over can be difficult and overwhelming information for many people to take in and process, but you made it very easy to understand and un-intimidating. I will definitely pass on your name to anyone who would benefit from your services.”
- K.U.

"I can’t imagine that the service could have been any more professional and courteous. Exceeded expectations!"

"I am amazed we were able to do all that we did and accomplish getting my father into [the nursing home of our choice]. It seemed an insurmountable task… especially since I was told there will be a 15 person waiting list…believe me, I was super stressed! Always before me though, I had your example of excellence and kind patience, I tackled that 36 page application as “professionally” as I could, completing each page one at a time. We scrambled to get copies of all documents and made a million phone calls…it was quite the undertaking! Anyway, you can see what a positive role you played and I am grateful… I am better than I thought I could be because of your example! It was said that it was the most complete and well done application they have ever gotten…not one thing was missing or needed change… yeah!"
- M.K.

"Dear Mr. Schecter and Staff,
Thank you for all your professional help and doing it in a very nice and friendly way. It made me feel very “welcome” in your office."
- C.J.

"All were most courteous and helpful. I had the greatest amount of confidence in everyone I met and worked with here.”

"Both paralegals were ALWAYS smiling, so personable, and knew what to do!! Mr. Schecter always so professional, yet humorous!!!”

“I think the term “Very Satisfied” is kind of an understatement of how I felt about your service. I found you and your people to be professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. You all completely exceed my expectations. Thank you for everything. I’m happy I’ll have you to “do the worrying for me” during the next year.”
- J.M.

“Your paralegal was beyond excellent! Very professional and knowledgeable! We were very impressed with the entire firm starting with Mr. Schecter! The receptionist makes a wonderful first impression! Thank you for driving to the nursing home for signatures when needed! We will highly recommend your firm! And thank you Mr. Schecter for re-doing my deed so that we could avoid probate.”

"We live west of your office so drive by a couple of times a day, and always smile knowing there are such kind helpful people in our world. Thanks for being there!"
- P.L.

"The Schecter team made Estate Planning an enjoyable and fun process: Thanks!"
- B.B.

"Everyone was very helpful and very friendly."

"The staff was fabulous - professional and kind"

"Your paralegal was very reassuring and dear in her explanation of all matters we discussed with her."

"Each employee = excellent customer service!!! Thanks to all staff!"

"Paralegal was very attentive, responded immediately, helpful, and extremely professional - highly recommended."

"The paralegal was very thorough and patient and answered any questions I had."

"The staff has provided excellent service and has gone above and beyond to assist me."

“Dear Mr. Schecter and Staff,

Thank you so much for what you did for me and my mom. I appreciate the hard work you all put in for mom’s Medicaid approval.”
- D.W.

“The entire team was attentive, kind and knowledgeable. Thank you!”

“Dear Mr. Schecter and Staff,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help recently in getting my paperwork in order. You did a super job. Thank you so much!”
- S.W.

“Dear Mr. Schecter,

I would like to take a moment to express my thanks for your services regarding this matter. As you are well aware, it was a trying time for me and my wife and we had anticipated several trips to Florida to take care of legal, estate, and trust issues. Through your professional efforts we were not required follow through on the anticipated trips to Florida. You (and the paralegal staff) efforts resolved issues before they actually became issues. We are very appreciative of the totality of services that you provided regarding the Estate and Trust.

I am certain that other survivors who reside in states far from Florida have faced the need for Probate/ Estate legal services and may have questions about selecting an Attorney. Please feel free to use me as a reference if the need should arise. Many Thanks!”
- W.L.

“Dear Mr. Schecter,

I have had numerous dealings with elder care “services” in the past ten years, and no one has shown the values you have shown! My friend was a down to earth, skilled, caring, compassionate registered nurse. I was drawn to her fierce independence and no nonsense approach. I was impressed that she handled her financial affairs as well as she did, and was saddened to reach the point of applying for Medicaid. My only regret is not having sought your legal counsel sooner in the process. I am grateful (or she would have been) for your consideration of her limited funds. She made wise choices throughout her life, and I feel with your services, she has been treated with dignity. I cannot say enough about the professionalism you and your staff have shown through this process. It was also refreshing to find that you still provide Tootsie rolls in your reception area! I am truly grateful for the work you do, and will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone I encounter in need of elder care services.”
- E.H.

“Your staff has done a superior job in keeping me informed and explaining everything.”

“My father, my husband and I would like to thank you for all the help you have been in the last few years. I am not sure I would still be sane if I would not have had so much help and professional advice from Mr. Schecter and his staff. My God knew I could not handle this big responsibility by myself. Thank you for always getting back to me so quickly and always being available to answer all questions and guide us in the right direction.”
- B.

“Everyone was helpful and professional so that I am confident in my decisions, and have peace of mind.”

“The staff’s attitude was phenomenal - and attention to detail is outstanding. Mr. Schecter’s consideration for my friend’s financial status much appreciated!”

“Dear Staff,

“In the current world of “ineptitude” it was truly refreshing to have worked with you! I arrived with such a high level of frustration; and both you and Mr. Schecter immediately put me at ease… and handled every detail from that point. I love your “we can do this” attitude!! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone I encounter in need of Elder Law services.”
- E.H.

“Dear Mr. Schecter and staff, I thank all of you for your service during a difficult time for me. Your kindness was greatly appreciated, Sincerely,”
- A.N.

“I really appreciate all your assistance. The entire staff has been very considerate in all their dealings and it is really hard to find that anymore.”
- M.M.

“Your staff was always available to answer my questions. They showed genuine concern for not only my husband but me also!”

“Everyone we have dealt with has been excellent, they have been super and gone out of their way, and have been very kind and understanding. Thanks to all the staff for everything!”

“Your staff is very knowledgeable and are excellent communicators. Your services were impeccable. Your staff is a tremendous asset to your organization.”
- R.M.

“The staff has gone above and beyond for us; we couldn’t be any more pleased. Awesome experience!! Totally satisfied. ”
- C.C.

“Everyone was Fantastic! I would recommend anyone and everyone to this office. Thank you so much!”

“Staff maintains an exacting level of courtesy and professionalism. The staff is very warm and welcoming.”
- R.C.

“Your staff is always so cheerful and accommodating! Your Case Manager is so patient and helpful.”

“Your Case Manager was very professional - helpful- answered all of my concerns and questions in a very courteous and timely manner.”

“Your Paralegal is an asset to your firm. I cannot thank you enough for all her help and professionalism – Everyone was wonderful!!”

“Everyone within your firm has always been very polite and helpful from the first time I walked in.”

“Everyone did an excellent job. Thank you for a good job.”
- B.R.

“Dear Mr. Schecter, I want to thank you for all of your help with my father’s Estate. I know that he always had a great deal of respect for you and now I can see why. Thank you again.”
- S.K.

“Your staff really made everything easy. I couldn’t have done it without your staff. They are excellent employees.”

“Everyone at the office we worked with was extremely professional!! Mr. Schecter and his staff were the best. Thank you!”

“All very good at their jobs, and the amount of excellent service provided.”

“The staff are exceptional to work with. Always prepared and got back to us within a few hours. Thanks for all you do.”

“This office made our legal business painless and comfortable, we are both very grateful.”

“Everyone involved showed patience and concern throughout this process.”
- D.B.S.

“Thank you for making this so easy. We enjoyed working with all the staff.”

“All employees that I have come in contact with have been very professional and courteous!”

“Your Estate Planning paralegal spoke to us in Spanish and we understood a bit more about our case.”

“Your staff was very well informed, patient, and understanding, a real asset to Mr. Schecter. My appreciation to Mr. Schecter.”
- J.T.O.

“The staff was very helpful explaining and re-explaining information. This was a very pleasant experience.”

Each month with heartfelt thanks and a little prayer of blessing on you for all you’ve done to make things so much better for me!!”
- M.

“All employees went over and above my expectations.”

“You all were very friendly and very professional. All my questions were answered. Thank you all!”

“Everyone was so professional and prepared we really appreciated being treated with respect. Thank you!!”

“The entire staff is so polite and caring. As a professional myself, I have never encounted a practice with this much compassion. I appreciate Mr. Schecter having a warm personality, explains everything completely so one understands the details and is upfront with fees. I have recommended your practice and hope they follow my advice! Thank you for helping me through this difficult period in my life.”
- M.M.

“My dear Mr. Schecter, I want to thank you and your staff for your great help to me. It is greatly appreciated; it made a very painful time a little less difficult. Your patience, kindness, and professionalism are superb! My best to all your staff. Keep up the great work.”
- M.R.

“Dear Mr. Schecter, Thank you for helping me at your office and phone. Everyone was so nice and your staff is good at what they do. Thank you, to everyone. I went home happy! God Bless”
- Y.H.

“Dear Mr. Schecter, Thank you so much for all the work you did for my dear husband on MEDICAID, and everything else. Everyone at your office has been so kind especially your wonderful staff. What would I have done without you?”
- G.D.

“Dear Mr. Schecter and Staff, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your many acts of kindness. You and your staff of professionals have made a very difficult situation easier to bear. My contacting you was not just luck, I believe God directed me to you. So many times when I didn’t understand, I was treated with dignity when an explanation was given. Praying God will give each of you many years to serve our older generation.”
- V.L.D.

“Your staff couldn’t have been more patient or kind, capable, intelligent and efficient in every way, under all circumstances, our prayers were answered with both you, Mr. Schecter and your staff. Thank you sincerely.”
- M.K.

“I would like to thank you and your staff for helping me through a very difficult time in my life. From the first time I entered your office your receptionist made me feel at ease. You made me feel confident that you would be able to help me get through all the paperwork that needed to be done. You held my hand each step of the process. Your staff was very patient with my many questions. Your staff is very capable and an asset to your firm. I want to thank you for your knowledge and help.”
- C.F.

“Dear Case Manager, I’m glad to give Mr. Schecter and his firm the highest praise for the services he provided to M. and me. There is no doubt, however, that I could not have done it without your hand-holding throughout the lengthy, and sometimes confusing, paperwork. I must also mention that I will miss the dulcet greetings I received from your receptionist at every visit. Thank you all.”
- A.K.

“Dear Mr. Randal Schecter and case manager, Please allow me to express my gratitude to you for your outstanding guidance and organizational skills that helped me bring my mother from overseas and enable to her to be by us and have a family life. Allow me also to commend your staff for a job performed with much care and persistence. She is a great asset to your organization. Her willingness to not give up demonstrates not only great loyalty to you, but also tremendous care to the cause she is trying to achieve. In my case, the difficult task that bringing my mother represented. Your results make possible change in lives on a positive direction. I truly thank you both and hope your lives are blessed just as you blessed my mother’s and my family’s. Most Grateful.”
- M.G.B.

“You and your staff – awesome. So professional and accommodating. Your Case manager – very professional, encouraging, takes time to explain everything, our lifeline through this maze!”

“Care deeply, think kindly, act gently, and be at peace with the world. For this is the spirit of Christmas. This card speaks to the attitude this office portrays all year long. You ARE CHRISTMAS to your CLIENTS. Thank you for your many acts of kindness.”
- M.B.

“Everyone was very helpful, courteous and exceptional – thank you very much for your services.”

“Our case manager is a wonderful lady and went out of her way to help us. Thank you.”

“Attorney Schecter and staff were very down to earth and knowledgeable and relayed concerns and questions in a manner that was understandable to me, thank you.”

“We received excellent service from everybody.”

“Our case manager was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She was a pleasure to deal with.”
- F.T.

“I would most definitely refer your law firm to my friends and family. All the staff were extremely kind, efficient, knowledgeable and helpful whenever I met or spoke with them over the phone.”
- G.P.L.

“Your paralegal far exceeded my family’s expectations with her compassion, kindness, diligence and expertise. She is a true asset to your organization and we cannot thank her enough.”

“Mr. Schecter, on behalf of my father, my wife and myself, we would like to thank you and your staff for all you have done for our family!! THANK YOU!!”
- K.T.

“My case manager was excellent and extremely helpful and efficient. The whole office was very friendly. I would highly recommend!”

“Over the past year I’ve dealt with all of you. Everyone, in every instance, displayed the highest degree of patience and professionalism.”

“All your employees are so very courteous and professional! Our case manager took care of all my needs and promptly took me when I walked in. She is a pleasure and you are lucky to have her!!”
- C.A.

“All associates were extremely courteous and helpful. Our paralegal was always very prompt and helpful.”

“Dear Mr. Schecter, our family would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent assistance you’ve provided over the past several weeks. As you can imagine my husband’s medical situation has been quite taxing on all of us, and it was wonderful to know that your office was looking after our interests. Our caseworker in your office was especially kind and responsive.”
- R. Family

“Attorney Schecter and his staff provided with a warm and human reception always. All the staff were friendly and kind, especially when I called on the phone. The overall level of service was excellent, especially during this worse time of my life. I will forever be grateful.”
- A.C.

"I cannot think of any areas that could have been taken care of any better on your part. Your staff was so wonderful, compassionate and caring. Thank you so much for helping me through a very difficult time."

"I wanted to thank you Mr. Schecter for the time you took helping my sister. Your knowledge, patience and gentle demeanor made her visit much less stressful and the ensuing results of your good advice I know really took a load off her shoulders. Your whole staff was thoughtful and courteous and the process was professionally delivered. Again, thank you all for everything!"
- V.C.

"Dear Mr. Schecter, My Dad recently passed away and I contacted your office for advice on how to proceed with the closing of his will which was executed by your staff. Your assistant was stupendous! It is people like her that re-establish hope in the human race. She was extremely helpful and compassionate which is so important for anyone who just lost a loved one. In our busy ongoing life we at times forget to recognize those who go the extra mile and in today's fast paced society we shouldn't. It is too often that we're faced with push 1 for English and stay on the line 30 minutes to speak to a real live person. Thank you for listening. Your assistant's great response will prompt me to refer friends and family to you that is in need of this type service. Your assistant is a true asset to your organization."
- R.C.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your assistance at this difficult time in my life. I surely thought that I had already gone through what would have been my most difficult and emotional times of my father's passing but being the executor of the estate, for some reason, proved to be the most difficult and emotional for me. I can honestly say that you and your staff made it so much easier for me to deal with and get through. I am very grateful for your professionalism and kindness. You both made something very difficult, much easier to bear."
- M.B.

"I would like to thank you for your prompt attention to every aspect of the Medicaid application for my sister. Your skill and knowledge brought all the facts together in a minimum amount of time. It would have been an impossible task for an average citizen such as myself. Just as importantly, both you and your staff kept me informed throughout the process and answered my questions in a thorough and pleasant manner. In other words, no one was ever 'too busy' to listen or respond."
- T.P.

"Thank you so much for all your advice and guidance over the past months. You and your staff members are a wonderful group of professionals and you always will have my support. Thank you for your kind words."
- G.C.

"I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generosity. I am very grateful to you all! Attorney Schecter, all of my family members, especially my mother were very impressed with your knowledge and kindness. She is now at ease with these issues. Thank you so very much."
- J.P.

"Thank you for all the advice you gave to me and my daughter. Our time with you has helped us and my husband to understand and hopefully make some wise decisions. You are the 'Man' who we will call when problems become more than we can solve."
- E.F.

"I am very pleased with the result. The Medicaid application and approval process was, and continues to be handled in an always professional, yet cordial, manner by Attorney Schecter and his staff. Getting the approval so quickly was truly impressive. If a client testimonial is ever needed, I would be more than willing to oblige."
- S.G.

"All employees of the firm were extremely pleasant and professional -it was a pleasure working with all of you and Mum was happy."
- T.C.

"Your staff always provided me the information I needed in a friendly, polite and professional way. It was a pleasure to work with your staff."
- D.F.

"Dear Mr. Schecter, Many thanks for being with my class. Your presentation was masterful. Student questions were answered fully. More importantly the students were motivated to ask the questions in the first place. Your manner of presentation is humble, yet knowledgeable. Your examples were entertaining and instructive. My personal thanks to a straight-shooting attorney."
- J.P.